• WomanKind Enamel Pin

  • It's ridiculous that at any point in history, especially in this day and age that sexism was or is still a thing. Beyond the fact that we are all human and we all should be treated as equals, women have the ability to grow us inside of them and then give us life. That's some amazingness right there. Look at any man criticizing a woman and you'll see fear in his eyes. Go thank your mom.

    Hard enamel pins are die-struck from sheets of metal. The recesses are hand-filled with enamel powder which gets baked at 800-900 degrees. The pins are then polished by hand making each and every one slightly unique. Because they are handmade, they may have slight imperfections and variations.

    1" X 1" with two posts and military clutch backings

  • $10.00

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WomanKind Enamel Pin
WomanKind Enamel Pin WomanKind Enamel Pin WomanKind Enamel Pin