• Desert Print

  • Wanna get real, Explore the Desert, like, really explore it. None of this “Eww I'm a little sunburned and my mouth is dry” crap. Really get out there. Then when your life has changed, when you’ve encountered some skin-walkers and got your mojo on in the Mojave, come back and tell us about it. Or, if you wanna go for a chill Sunday desert drive, rad, count us in!

    11" X 19" screen print on 80lb Creme Speckletone

    Signed and numbered edition of 28

    Made in the USA / Printed by Matt Fellows in Los Angeles

    Note: When ordering multiple prints of the same design, please select desired print number, click "ADD TO CART" and then return to this page to add additional print numbers individually.


  • $40.00

Desert Print
Desert Print Desert Print