• Artist Spotlight - Jason "Revok" Williams

    Jason Williams, better known as Revok, is a Californian graffiti artist turned abstract painter. His roots as a graffiti artist landed him more than a few run-ins with the law; it also landed him a solo show in Cologne, Germany in 2015, as well as three more group shows from 2015-2017. 

    Artist Spotlight Jason Williams Revok MNKR Blog

    Revok's abstract work is a culmination of parallel lines and geometric shapes. His artwork usually consists of bright, contrasting colors, disjointed lines that abruptly end or lead somewhere else. Revok's spectacularly titled METADATA 5 (CORRUPT FILE) is exactly that; a computer glitch, a screen gone haywire. Disjointed as it may appear, every aspect looks purposefully misaligned, abrasive, and disorganized. 

    Jason Williams Revok Artist Spotlight MNKR Blog 
    Instrument Exercise #9, 2017

    Instrument Exercise #9 is one in a series of painting which uses the jagged spray painted lines. As the paint gets closer to the foreground, it becomes muddled into brown covering the electric blue and gradient orange-red, and finally becomes black. The lines are weathered and imperfect, some previous layers show through, and everything was strategically placed.

    If you're interested in checking out more of Revok's artwork, check out his website, but for now we'll leave you with a few more of our favorites. 

    Jason Revoke Williams Artist Spotlight MNKR Blog
    Self Portrait 1 (July-October), 2013-2016

    Jason Revoke Williams Artist Spotlight MNKR Blog
    Diamonds 26/50, 2014

    Jason Revoke Williams Artist Spotlight MNKR Blog
    Untitled, 2017


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