• Mike Dempsey Captures The In-Between Scene

    Photographic scenes ripped from your dreams; Mike Dempsey creates stunning imagery that's sure to leave you with an "Oh fuck" feeling. Most photography leaves you with a sense of beauty or grandeur, nostalgia or banality...the normal feelings when it comes to photography. They're the photos we know and love, and frankly the reason photography was invented in the first place. Photos are supposed to document our reality, to capture our daily life as it unfolds. Mike's photography however takes it to a whole new level. He's managed to create and capture the in-between moments that are very rarely seen with such clarity and vibrance. With Mike's images you're immediately transported to the second the photo was taken, and you're instantly struck with a feeling of urgency for what's currently taking place, or what's about to happen. The realness is surreal, the immediacy unbearable. All in all, they read more like stills from movie reels than anything else. You can't help but fill in the blanks and complete the script in your head.  All this from a self-proclaimed director first, photographer second. It all makes sense, it's all dope af, it's Mike Dempsey (aka Mike's Butt).

    Check out the rest of Mike's work

    Mike Dempsey | Anderson Paak Venice
    Anderson Paak Venice

    I love to know what takes place behind-the-scenes on movies and photo shoots, and with Mike's photos it's no different. I'm constantly trying to figure out exactly how an image was created.

    Mike Dempsey | Drive By Fruiting
    Drive By Fruiting

    I can't help but think how painful the next 10 seconds of this woman's life is going to be ... and what the heck she planned on making with oranges, apples, eggplant and kale?

    Mike Dempsey | Pumpkin Smash

    Apparently me and this girl share the same hatred for smashing pumpkins.

    Mike Dempsey | Dorothy Dog Sitting
    Dorothy Dog Sitting

    Such a rad photo. Is this like 4 images put together? I must know.

    Mike Dempsey | Booger Party
    Booger Party

    Look at this lucky bastard. 

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