• Ground Control to Bowie, you're my hero.

    Mashup sketch I did of David Bowie.

    Musical genius, fashion icon, accomplished artist and actor. There will never be another David Bowie. He was a truly unique individual that pushed the boundaries of normal. He was a legend in life and now with his passing will most certainly be upgraded to super-mega-legend. Below is a personal (true) story from an encounter with Bowie.

    One time back in the 90’s I went to The National Gallery in London with my mom and one of my sisters. I was pushing my mom in a wheel chair because she had just broken her foot and was having trouble walking around the museum. At one point we stopped to view a large painting, standing in front of us was a blonde guy in a long trench coat. When he turned and realized we were behind him he instantly became mortified that he had been blocking our view. He apologized profusely as we told him repeatedly not to worry about it. He bid us a good day and left us all standing (and sitting) there in shock. What a gentleman this guy was, and what a legend. It was him, it was Bowie.

    Weird Bowie facts:

    • Did you know that Bowie's left pupil was permanently dilated due to getting punched in the eye by a buddy when he was 15 years old? Apparently they were fighting over a girl. I wonder how many times that guy has told the "You see Bowie's messed up left eye?" story?

    • David Bowie was born David Robert Jones and later changed his name because he thought it lacked stage presence and to avoid confusion with the lead singer of the Monkees Davy Jones. He chose "Bowie" after the creator of the Bowie knife, Jim Bowie.

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