• Timber! Ripper! Tee!

    Chad Eaton at Timber is one of my favorite artists. If black and white style line drawings are your thing then you need to check out his work as well. He's super talented, chill as hell, and despite being mega-popular, he has zero ego. I've even talked him into being friends with me and he always gifts me tons of free shit, I haven't bought a skateboard in years, he's very giving this one. He was even generous enough to let me tattoo him on my first ever virgin attempt, and to draw the tattoo, which was a cock & balls, which came out just incredibly completely horrible. A real nice guy. Oh yeah, he also draws for Element Skateboards if you've heard of that little company.

    Check out Timber!

    Timber! Ripper T-shirt
    Chad Eaton AKA Timber! spoofs Powell's ripper design.

    Chad Eaton Mural for Buzzmill in Austin Texas
    Mural Chad did for the Buzzmill in Austin Texas / Photo Matt Fellows

    Close up of mural for Buzzmill Austin Texas
    Close up of mural for Buzzmill Cafe in Austin Texas

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