• VICE Takes A Stab at Cable TV With Viceland

    VICE Media launched Viceland cable television channel this Monday to mixed reviews. It seems quite a few people were angry enough to get up from their TVs and walk to their computers to write hate-filled reviews about their wholesome programming on H2 turning contemporary? And maybe I'm the wrong person to be weighing in on this subject since I've only ever had one or two stations, but shit, can't you just turn the channel?  Seems to me that the real argument should be about television viewership continually dropping, especially in millennials, and whether or not this was a good move on VICE's part.

    I've seen many a VICE documentary over the years and would consider myself a big fan. Great production value, interesting subject matter, and just the right amount of irreverence, smarts, and compassion where needed. And all this coming from a Docuhead (definition: someone who has seen all the documentaries). With that being said, I really hope they can pull off this new venture. With show titles like Gaycation, Balls Deep and Weediquette it's gonna be hard not to be successful.

    Give Viceland a watch for yourself.

    VICE's Viceland TV Show Lineup

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