• Airplane the Movie! Watch these funniest moments...

    I went to bed last night before the election results were finalized in the hopes that things wouldn't actually end up where it looked like they were going to go. Sadly, this was not the case when I woke up in the morning. I never in a million years would have believed that we'd end up with someone as ignorant as Trump holding the highest office in our land. I didn't think Middle America had it in them to ignore reason, truth, policy and instead vote with their emotions. Well, you proved me wrong and I stand corrected. Good for you guys for getting to the polls.

    Airplane! 'I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.' MNKR Illustration
    A drawing I did this morning with one of the many classic quotes from Airplane!

    If you need a pick-me-up today and something to smile about, watch this clip of the funniest moments from Airplane! the movie.

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